Maksym Rudnik


Maksym Rudnik is Warsaw based artist born in 1992 in tiny village in Polish mountanis. He moved from his hometown to Warsaw, where he pursued his path as a photographer as well as graduaded from Warsaw School of Economics, faculty of Applied Econometrics. Maksym owns a photography atelier in Warsaw where he develops pictures by his own in a traditional darkroom process as well works on commissioned and personal body of work.
Paper and „tangible goods” has always been a priority for him, so that he publishes personal photo-zines to present his personal body of work. Surfing, skateboarding, thrash music has a huge influence on his creative proces. If he's not currently shooting pics or working in his darkroom then for sure you'll find him rambling around on a skatebard or chasing waves somewhere in tropics.
He is a life long film user.