Jakub Szymański


Jakub is a Warsaw based artist who has been photographed for portraiture and fashion since 2012. He graduated Filmschool in Łódź. Before he found himself in black and white photographs of women, he was painting and photographing trains and walls covered with graffiti. Over time, these photos ceased to be enough and he decided to go one step further and start to create pictures of people.
Jakub recognizes the art of imaging for something more than just taking pictures. Photography for him is a meeting, it's the emotions, it's coffee, it's whiskey or cigarettes - it's really all around, and at least the same picture. His muse is the old rock music from vinyls he collects. The issues that inspire him and are the most important in his works are women, urban surroundings, cloudy skies and a short day. Jacob is looking for opportunities to create his own reality - lying and speaking the truth at the same time.